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Keep your family and nearby residents safe from electrical shock — comply with Tuscaloosa’s 18–88 regulation by scheduling your required dock and structure electrical inspection today. Call (205) 281-1015.

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We don’t have to put our lives, and the lives of those around us, at risk. If you’re a homeowner on Lake Tuscaloosa, let us help you do your part in keeping your family and everyone else around your property safe during water activities and water sports.

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We make doing your part easy.

If you have a dock, pier, boathouse or any other structure on the water that has electrical service running to it, you’re now required to have it inspected and certified by a State of Alabama Licensed Electrical Contractor licensed to do business in the City of Tuscaloosa.

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Just call us and we’ll schedule a time to inspect your structures near the water at your home, business or rental property on Lake Tuscaloosa at no charge.

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Why is regulation 18-88 in place?

We continue to see a rise in the number of fatalities from electrical shock. It makes perfect sense. As the number of homeowner’s running electricity near the water increases, the risks increase. It’s nearly impossible to know if the water is electrically charged, so there isn’t any warning. But it doesn’t have to end bad.

Schedule your free inspection now.

It’s easy. Call us at (205) 281-1015 and our normally priced $125 inspection will be free for you – just request it when you call. We’ll inspect and certify that the electrical service to your structures near water are in compliance. If we see any issues that prevent compliance, we’ll offer you a price right away and with your approval, repair them – usually before we leave! That way you can rest easy knowing you’ve done your part in making Lake Tuscaloosa shock free.

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